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At Colibri Reader, we understand the unique needs of students, and our mission is to cater to those needs with engaging stories. We go beyond conventional teaching methods, infusing the magic of myths into every lesson. As a team passionate about language education, we believe in the transformative potential of stories and aim to create an environment where students thrive in language proficiency and cultural appreciation through storytelling. Get in touch with us. Let’s work together to improve the reading skills of your students!


Our Vision

Empowering educators and captivating learners, Colibri Reader envisions a world where diverse stories, rooted in culture and creativity, become a bridge to language proficiency. Through innovative resources and a commitment to quality, we aim to inspire a lifelong love for learning and improving reading skills, one captivating tale at a time.

What we can do

Featured Myths Improve Reading Language Focus Teacher’s Resources Curriculum Ready

Explore the enchanting world of Colibri Reader's featured myths, from the mystical Mohán to the inspirational Francisco the Man. Each story is carefully selected, transformed, and woven into narratives with moral depth. Our myths not only captivate readers but also provide a rich cultural context.

We take reading skills to new heights. Our carefully crafted materials provide a multifaceted approach to reading, allowing students to not only absorb the narrative but also engage in essential skills such as skimming, scanning, analysis, reflection, and explanation. With captivating stories derived from Colombian myths written in English, students embark on a literary journey that challenges and enriches their reading abilities. The inclusion of beautiful illustrations caters to visual learners, offering a holistic reading experience that stimulates both the mind and imagination. Colibri Reader stands as a valuable resource for educators seeking to cultivate well-rounded readers, fostering analytical thinking and a deeper connection with literature.

Colibri Reader stands out as a dynamic and innovative resource for English language education. Our approach to vocabulary, grammar, and writing is unparalleled, ensuring a comprehensive and engaging learning experience for students. Each book is meticulously crafted with distinct and diverse activities, preventing monotony, and keeping students actively involved in their language development. No two books are the same! Each book presents unique exercises and activities, carefully curated to complement standard classroom instruction rather than replace it.

Empower your English teaching with Colibri Reader's comprehensive Teacher Resources. From the mythical Mohan to the fascinating tales of Francisco the Man, our materials offer a wide range of pre and post-reading activities, vocabulary enhancements, and language skill focuses. Elevate your lessons with engaging content designed to improve retention and language proficiency, creating a dynamic and effective learning environment.

Colibri Reader enriches the IGCSE and IB curricula by offering a diverse collection of cultural narratives, including myths like 'El Dorado'. These stories provide international students with a deeper understanding of culture and moral lessons, fostering critical thinking and cultural awareness. The platform's engaging, educational content aligns with global learning standards, supporting educators and schools in delivering a comprehensive, culturally-inclusive education.

Frequently Asked Questions

Real, experienced teachers have dedicated their passion and commitment to making readers for your students. Who best to cater to their needs than those who are in the classrooms?

We are working hard in setting up an online store for future products, not readers. We are currently offering only class-size orders (i.e. 10 or more books). We can forward your order through our distributors. Please contact us for assistance.