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Written, designed and tested by experienced teachers, we know what students need and how to improve their reading skills. By introducing students to captivating myths that are both fun and thought-provoking, we go beyond mere language acquisition. Each book has a variety of activities that promote discussion, analysis and reflection while at the same time brush up on vocabulary and grammar.

Myth Series

All the stories presented are rooted in popular contemporary myths, with each iteration carefully retold while respecting their original essence. Extensive research has been undertaken to ensure consistency across these myths, emphasizing faithfulness to local traditions, cultural heritage, locations and deeply held beliefs.

Fransisco the Man Colombian Myth

Fransisco the Man

The power of music

The Mohán: The Price of Love

The Mohán: The Price of Love

Tobaco, rum and a hypnotic melody.

El Dorado Story Book Colibri Reader

El Dorado

When love and gold collide

Bachué, The Mother of the Chibchas

An almighty god teaches the ways of life

The Alligator Man

The importance of appearance

To enhance understanding and appreciation, each book includes a contextual background of the myth, offering students a well-rounded preparation before delving into the reading. This approach not only preserves the integrity of the myths but also enriches the educational experience for the readers.