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We can help improve your students' reading skills

Our readers have been made to improve reading skills while not compromising the enjoyment of reading enjoyment.

Why Colibri Reader?

Written, designed and tested by experienced teachers, we know what students need and how to improve their reading skills. By introducing students to captivating myths that are both fun and thought-provoking, we go beyond mere language acquisition. Each book has a variety of activities that promote discussion, analysis and reflection while at the same time brush up on vocabulary and grammar.


Colibri Reader: Nurturing Minds, Inspiring Adventure

Focused Development of Reading Skills

The Colibri Reader series is specifically tailored to enhance reading skills. Our readers include a variety of texts and exercises aimed at improving different aspects of reading, such as comprehension, speed, and critical thinking. For teachers, this is a valuable resource as it directly supports the fundamental goal of improving literacy among students, a key skill in all areas of learning.

Diverse Content and Cultural Exposure

Diversity in content not only keeps reading interesting and engaging for students but also exposes them to different cultures, ideas, and viewpoints. Such exposure is invaluable in developing well-rounded, culturally aware individuals. It also aligns well with many educational curricula that emphasize global awareness and understanding. For teachers, this means that using the Colibri Reader series can enhance their lessons with rich, diverse content that goes beyond mere content, fostering empathy, curiosity, and a broader understanding of the world in their students

Key features

Unique and Target-oriented

Language Focus

There is a variety of activities based on each story. Each book focuses on different language aspects unique to each book like vocabulary and grammar. There are also writing activities for both short and longer texts.

Reader Workbook

Colibri Readers are a unique series of books that seamlessly blend workbooks and readers. These books are designed to help students take notes, jot down unfamiliar words and practice language skills without having to use a separate notebook.

Varied Activities

Colibri Reader's approach, with tailored activities for grammar, vocabulary, and writing linked to each story, offers an innovative, contextual learning experience, deepening comprehension and engagement for language learners.

Short story format

Our readers are not intended to replace language classrooms but to serve as a supplement. Therefore, by providing shorter stories, teachers can concentrate on language structures, cultural insights, and have more time for discussion and analysis without deviating from their mid and long-term planning.

Thinking Skills

Colibri Reader enhances thinking skills by engaging learners in critical analysis and creative exercises, directly tied to each story's content, fostering deeper understanding, problem-solving, and analytical abilities in an immersive, story-driven context.

About Us

At Colibri Reader, we understand the unique needs of students, and our mission is to cater to those needs with tailor-made English books. We go beyond conventional teaching methods, infusing the magic of myths into every lesson. As a team passionate about language education, we believe in the transformative potential of stories and aim to create an environment where students thrive in language proficiency and cultural appreciation through storytelling.


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